by operation of law in a sentence

"by operation of law" in Chinese  
  1. The state's educational system was segregated by operation of law.
  2. There are numerous situations where a claim is extinguished by operation of law.
  3. In 1930, he retired by operation of law as a brigadier general.
  4. A superficies may also be created by operation of law when a mortgage is foreclosed.
  5. Morgan Welles Brown was reassigned by operation of law to also serve on this district.
  6. It's difficult to find by operation of law in a sentence.
  7. He said by operation of law and constitutionally the president's term begins in 2000.
  8. By operation of law you'd have what's called an easement by necessity.
  9. Again, the Circuit permitted tacking where the transfer was by operation of law or by will.
  10. By operation of law, the decisions on important matters are reserved to the shareholders'meeting.
  11. Some judges from both the Eastern and Southern Districts were transferred to the Central District by operation of law.
  12. Miller was reassigned by operation of law to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin.
  13. Rights that arise by operation of law often arise by design of certain contingencies set forth in a legal instrument.
  14. On June 2, 1970, he was reassigned by operation of law to serve only on the Southern District.
  15. Nothing needs to be put in writing to affirm that this will happen . conveyance itself, by operation of law.
  16. The cap, however, reduced damages by operation of law, without regard to the specific circumstances of the case.
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