by oneself in a sentence

"by oneself" meaning  "by oneself" in Chinese  
  1. Second, to grow the person who study by oneself developing independent ability.
  2. :Spelling out the details is a good way of solving a problem by oneself.
  3. It is comprehended by oneself through meditation and introspection.
  4. In the book it is written that it is impossible to quit drinking by oneself.
  5. Translations can be done by oneself or with the help of another user if required.
  6. It's difficult to find by oneself in a sentence.
  7. He also told Gau that there are certain battles that can be only fought by oneself.
  8. He said, " Aikido is not something to learn from others, but to learn by oneself.
  9. If a book cannot be found by oneself, one can seek the help of hired handlers ."
  10. It is defined as the " fulfillment by oneself of the possibilities of one's character or personality ."
  11. Even spending regular blocks of time working hard by oneself in the attic is rather normative for research mathematicians.
  12. It's not considered vandalism, so one cannot revert removal of warnings by oneself under the vandalism umbrella for WP : 3RR.
  13. Narrative is a paramount resource for forming personal identity by oneself, as well as showing and negotiating the self with others.
  14. Many times abhyanga is performed by two or more massage therapists working in sync but it can also be done by oneself.
  15. The ideal for the general secretary, writes Soviet 閙igr?observer Michael Voslensky, " is to be overlord of vassals selected by oneself ."
  16. In basketball, dribbling is the legal method of advancing the ball by oneself, as opposed to passing it to another player or shooting for the basket.
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