by ones in a sentence

"by ones" in Chinese  
  1. One by one, they requested interviews in every language imaginable.
  2. Computer users can access the system by one of two methods.
  3. We will be cutting the committee staff by one-third.
  4. Mugabe was quoted as saying by one guest at the meeting.
  5. They whey will drain off and reduce yogurt by one third.
  6. It's difficult to find by ones in a sentence.
  7. "We've talked about winning by one point.
  8. The rally in stocks has been accompanied by one in bonds.
  9. Then, one by one, the jurors confirmed the verdicts.
  10. But the vocal part is sung by one of the participants.
  11. Then, one by one, the Pentagon abandoned those reasons.
  12. By one measure, he has gone higher than anyone else.
  13. One by one, knees buckling, we crashed on deck.
  14. They're too high to be deflated by one loss.
  15. The previous 375 hearings also were presided over by one arbitrator.
  16. They were then escorted one by one onto the execution premises.
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