by ones and twos in a sentence

"by ones and twos" in Chinese  
  1. He continued to accumulate wins on a steady basis, by ones and twos.
  2. Israel mounted frequent air attacks, and Hizbullah picked off Israeli soldiers by ones and twos.
  3. Electronic timing showed Balzer had beaten the two other medallists by one and two hundredths of a second, respectively.
  4. The room was too small to accommodate all those people, who visited by ones and twos throughout the night.
  5. In March, 1918, he started accumulating victories by ones and twos, finishing up May with his total at 26.
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  7. Other highrise towers were constructed throughout the area which is still characterized by one and two family homes and low-rise apartment buildings.
  8. Gould was reinstated shortly after the proxy vote count when the board was expanded by one and two other Younkers directors resigned.
  9. Consumers'future expectations for French standards of living and for their own financial circumstances both improved slightly _ by one and two points, respectively.
  10. The city is characterized by one and two-story buildings, the only exception being several high rises in the northern part of the city.
  11. Both sides refused to confirm a Chinese policemen's account that the North Koreans are being taken by ones and twos for interviews to verify their identities.
  12. Even before Sept . 11, other New York law firms were lopping off associates by ones and twos, and in several big firms by 10 or 15 or 25.
  13. The architecture is characterized by one and two-story colonnaded houses Andalucian style inner courtyards, Caribbean-style arches, red-tile roofs and colorful facades, some of which date to the 18th century.
  14. They come by ones and twos, the women in conical straw hats and the men in green pith helmets, each pushing a bicycle laden with Chinese beer, tires or bicycle parts.
  15. Since then, North Koreans by ones and twos and in small groups have climbed over walls or slipped past guards to enter embassies and consulates belonging to a half-dozen other countries.
  16. The arrancar are first shown scouting Ichigo's hometown by ones and twos, which escalates into sorties, and eventually a battle on earth and in Hueco Mundo between the most powerful arrancar and Soul Reapers.
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