by occupation in a sentence

"by occupation" in Chinese  
  1. )have come from Kheralu and they are farmer by occupation.
  2. No such weapons have yet been found by occupation forces in Iraq.
  3. The " Rigvedic " society was not distinguished by occupations.
  4. He was a mariner by occupation from 1720-1742.
  5. Splitting is by nationality and by occupation, not by individual state.
  6. It's difficult to find by occupation in a sentence.
  7. It, too, is stratified by occupation and ethnicity.
  8. And not all ethnicities and nationalities and religions by occupation?
  9. By occupation Sayler was a newsman, starting in 1886 in Indianapolis.
  10. The major populations of the Tangsa are agriculturist by occupation.
  11. "Jean de Laforcade " was a lawyer by occupation.
  12. Glenn is a runner by occupation and by preference.
  13. This guilt by occupation is really a needless diversion.
  14. By occupation Canwell was a deputy sheriff from Eastern part of the state.
  15. It's broken down by occupations and gender _ women still earn less.
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