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  1. SMART criteria are commonly associated with Peter Drucker's management by objectives concept.
  2. We also put together a comprehensive global program of management by objective.
  3. Is it that you feel threatened by objective and repeatable search results?
  4. He is one of the best people who practice management by objective.
  5. :" Quoting of rules, guidelines etc is not done by objective Pan-Dimensional Beings.
  6. It's difficult to find by objective in a sentence.
  7. Job performance is measured by objective rating performance and subjective ratings.
  8. Perhaps the facts sound promotional, but they're verified by objective sources.
  9. You cannot judge success by time, you judge success by objectives.
  10. By objective measure, " The Phantom Menace " is a far better-than-average movie.
  11. "That cannot be explained by objective factors, " he said.
  12. That can only be decided by objective observers, which means either here or ArbCom.
  13. "True at First Light " is, by objective comparison to Hemingway's best, simply abysmal.
  14. He cites an executive's remark : " Management by objective?
  15. These processes are dictated by objective causes of deep character.
  16. Drucker introduced the ideas around " Management by Objectives ".
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