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  1. Potential jurors were referred to in court last week only by numbers.
  2. Television displaced paint by number as the visual experience in the home,
  3. The article has been supported to by number of Third party resources
  4. The site also includes a list of studios by number of nominations.
  5. This mistake was Michelangelo straying outside the lines on paint by numbers.
  6. It's difficult to find by numbers in a sentence.
  7. Potential jurors are being identified only by number to protect their privacy.
  8. It also became the largest franchise by numbers of admissions in Japan.
  9. America ranks fifth in the world by number of users per capita.
  10. He judged players by his gut, not by numbers on a printout.
  11. All jurors were identified in court by number to protect their privacy.
  12. CITY BY NUMBERS . Written and illustrated by Stephen T . Johnson.
  13. Yet the health of the arts cannot be judged only by numbers.
  14. television displaced paint by number as the visual experience in the home,
  15. To Florida psychologist Larry Rubin, paint by numbers are more than sentimental.
  16. Lee said that performers commonly were referred to by number at auditions.
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