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  1. Hundreds of thousands of lives could have been endangered by nuclear radiation if the Lufthansa plane crashed, Such said.
  2. An English version of a comprehensive Japanese study on health damage caused by nuclear radiation will go sale later this month, the book's publishers said Monday.
  3. I'll put my money on Robert B . Lovato, 31, who enjoys watching the huge mutant dinosaur created by nuclear radiation destroying cities on the movie screen.
  4. In " Foundation and Earth ", records of Earth are missing, so two citizens of the mature Foundation go looking for it, and eventually find that it is desolated by nuclear radiation.
  5. Parkin as a poor schnook turned into a giant monster by nuclear radiation ( this was a favorite theme of Gordon's, who would go on to direct " The Amazing Colossal Man,"
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  7. The bomb was unapproachable, remote, and terrifying; spiders and ants mutated by nuclear radiation to become huge were terrifying, but thanks to the competent government officials, soldiers, policemen, and detectives, the bugs were stopped and safety was restored.
  8. Funded by $ 3 billion in federal funds, the project to determine the instructions for growth and development in each gene is overseen by the federal National Institutes of Health and the Department of Energy, which became interested after discovering gene mutations caused by nuclear radiation.
  9. Never are you more acutely aware of the technical limitations of the movie's special effects than in a scene in which Matthew Broderick, playing Niko Tatopoulos, a scientist specializing in mutations caused by nuclear radiation, looks Godzilla in the eye and endures his exhaled gusts of fishy halitosis.

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