by now in a sentence

"by now" in Chinese  
  1. The publicly available financial information on Gomez is ancient by now.
  2. We are well past the introduction stage with Davis by now.
  3. I could have been in Paris eating cold oysters by now,
  4. By now no one has any idea what the score is.
  5. Hardly a day goes by now without protests at some colleges.
  6. It's difficult to find by now in a sentence.
  7. I fully expected the administration would have caved in by now,
  8. A week ago he said he would be healed by now.
  9. Mrs . Sutter must have just about had it by now.
  10. Everyone involved in golf should realize by now what this means.
  11. Usually 67 percent of the soybean seeds are in by now.
  12. His bones have had a chance by now to knit better.
  13. By now we are quite aware of such famous gangland figures.
  14. Kirshenbaum worries that all this tone is old news by now.
  15. All of these should have arrived in the mail by now.
  16. By now almost all the prisoners were suffering from severe diarrhea.
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