by notation in a sentence

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  1. But Johnson was struck by notations in the margins.
  2. Many of the site photographs for the Dead Sea Scrolls were referenced by notations of the film plates that Najib put together for the museum.
  3. However, the choice of font is not controlled by notation or encoding which is why it's risky to assume a distinguishable font will be used.
  4. The integral of a function " f ", with respect to volume, over a subset " D " of  ! n is denoted by notation such as
  5. Again, many of these payments are accompanied by notations referring to " N . O . C . assistance, " but have no backup documentation to indicate their purpose or ultimate use.
  6. It's difficult to find by notation in a sentence.
  7. This map is enhanced by notations, as well, noting places where roads have washed out in a heavy rain, places where witchcraft has been reported, and summer camps for sheep grazing for various Navajo families.
  8. Their presence is referenced on screen by notation which says " Subtitles ", or previously " Subtitles 888 " or just " 888 " ( the latter two are in reference to the conventional teletext channel for captions ), which is why the term " subtitle " is also used to refer to the Ceefax-based Teletext encoding that is used with PAL-compatible video.
  9. However, such documents are still fully parsable in the " non "-standalone mode of validating parsers, which signals an error if it can't locate these external entities with their specified " public identifier " ( FPI ) or " system identifier " ( a URI ), or are inaccessible . ( Notations declared in the DTD are also referencing external entities, but these unparsed entities are not needed for the validation of documents in the " standalone " mode of these parsers : the validation of all external entities referenced by notations is left to the application using the SGML or XML parser ).

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