by noon in a sentence

"by noon" in Chinese  
  1. Turnout figures for his district were a high 53 percent by noon.
  2. Any challengers must announce their names by noon on Thursday next week.
  3. The port is scheduled to be completely shut down by noon today.
  4. The search began on Wednesday evening and was over by noon Thursday.
  5. Any motions opposing the stay must be filed by noon Monday.
  6. It's difficult to find by noon in a sentence.
  7. By noon Friday, hundreds of people across Moscow had already complied.
  8. Medeva shares rose 1 pence to 229p by noon London time.
  9. It warned both factions to withdraw their forces by noon Saturday.
  10. Schools were also closed by noon that day across the parish.
  11. It often fills by noon in peak parts of the season.
  12. By noon Thursday parking spaces for 15, 000 spectators were gone.
  13. By noon on Nov . 17, guards and inmates were uptight.
  14. By noon, the situation was close to critical in many places.
  15. By noon it was time to pack up and head home.
  16. State radio reported a nationwide turnout of 35 percent by noon.
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