by no means in a sentence

"by no means" meaning  "by no means" in Chinese  
  1. By no means do I feel I was robbed of something.
  2. Boxing is by no means a stranger to hangovers of conscience.
  3. He was by no means the only artist to get around.
  4. The five countries in this strip are by no means homogeneous.
  5. But it is by no means a total waste of time.
  6. It's difficult to find by no means in a sentence.
  7. But Medicare is by no means all that matters in context.
  8. But success for the merged companies is by no means certain.
  9. Participate is by no means the only vendor providing such services.
  10. The Hell House phenomenon is by no means a new one.
  11. But a late surge is by no means a sure thing.
  12. A July ( rate ) increase is by no means certain.
  13. This minuet of peace is by no means a foregone conclusion,
  14. But by no means bad compared to what it could be.
  15. Enron is by no means alone in not paying income taxes.
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