by no means of in a sentence

"by no means of" in Chinese  
  1. The subdivisions are by no means of equal value.
  2. He got to know many gentiles, who were by no means of one opinion about the Lubavitchers.
  3. King Josiah's mental gifts were by no means of the highest class, nor had he had the advantage of early training.
  4. "What we've seen recently is a brief respite but by no means of a beginning of a trend out of drought ."
  5. This led to his retirement as director, though by no means of his role as its preeminent caretaker, which occupied him until his death in 1919.
  6. It's difficult to find by no means of in a sentence.
  7. New Mexico State and UNLV are by no means of the genre of Notre Dame, or even Utah State, which beat the Matadors by 30 points last week.
  8. The first version of a drawing of " Dusicyon cultridens ", which I drew and called a " reconstruction ", was deleted because it was " by no means of one ".
  9. However, Yan Xishan was well aware the end was near and he was by no means of having any confidience in the defense of the city and his public proclamation was nothing other than morale boosting only showpiece.
  10. Schottus praised her as " a woman by no means of the common sort, but rather one of great experience and erudition . " In his " cleaning up " of the text, Kraut had suppressed all obvious hints that this was a medieval text rather than an ancient one.

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