by no means easy in a sentence

"by no means easy" in Chinese  
  1. His position in the English parliament, moreover, was by no means easy.
  2. French West Africa was by no means easy of air approach.
  3. The latter was " by no means easy to dislodge ", wrote Lloyd.
  4. Such strange words in difficult hexameter scansion, are by no means easy to memorise.
  5. "It is by no means easy because the draw says ` qualifier', " he said.
  6. It's difficult to find by no means easy in a sentence.
  7. Nor are they blindly adding difficulties to a historical process that is already by no means easy.
  8. These are by no means easy objectives to attain but necessary to obtain, nevertheless . . ..
  9. Identifying the strategies financial institutions need to employ inentering the virtual world is by no means easy.
  10. This has been the subject of detailed scholarly debate, and is by no means easy to answer.
  11. Black must continue to develop while trying to keep the Ne4 on its square, but that is by no means easy.
  12. It is by no means easy to show an editor the seriousness of a thoughtless gaffe when he thinks he is being singled out for punitive reasons.
  13. This is by no means easy to do, not when the animals enter the kill floor smeared with manure and 390 of them are eviscerated every hour.
  14. Both pieces are by no means easy to play, but Jorda and the orchestra gave them extremely brilliant performances, and they were extremely well received . 
  15. That scenario of rising cost and price pressure is one policy-makers have dealt with before, and the actions called for, while by no means easy, are readily discernible,
  16. The spirit of his thought is mystical and by no means easy to follow, and this difficulty is accentuated, even to German readers, by the use of artificial terminology.
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