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  1. The PGA Tour is arguably the most successful professional sports league in the world, but that status came by no accident,
  2. The party also wants to look inclusive, and by no accident made Kolbe one of the few members of Congress who got to speak.
  3. The taller, slab-sided exterior, which by no accident makes the Camry look like an Avalon on a diet, is easy on the eye.
  4. In a move that, surely by no accident, recalls the recent Mike Tyson-Peter McNeely debacle, the Sultan camp unearths Terry Conklin ( Peter Berg ), who successfully fought Roper years before.
  5. Across the way, on the square's south side sits Younger's, a three-story bar that, by no accident, looks like Blayney's in the basement and Buzzard Beach on the roof _ both in Westport.
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  7. It is by no accident that the Thomas Nipperday, the German historian, begins his greatest work with the words " In the beginning was Napoleon . " It was Napoleon, by his military victories, and his political realignments, who exorcised a talk ) 03 : 06, 11 February 2008 ( UTC)
  8. During the 2009 "'Cambridge Film Festival "'in England the British film critic "'Laura J Smith "'wrote : He refers to his work as  Nova-Kino a pertinent cinematic theory for filmmakers and media artists alike who, as "'Boswell "'describes,  utilise found footage as source material to be re-edited or re-animated, giving radical rebirth or second life in their reconstructed state .  A vital element of Nova-Kino is  the usage of critical, political, and other highly charged points of view embedded within the structure of the work that challenge hegemonic power structures at large or in more specific realms .  By no accident, these aesthetics are undeniably similar to those of Agit-Prop cinema, which "'Boswell "'labels  the eternal bi-product of the Russian Revolution . 

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