by nights in a sentence

"by nights" in Chinese  
  1. By night, he spun the hefty balls down wooden lanes.
  2. By night, he did private detective work and sold cigarettes.
  3. By night three, Jake seemed to have learned the ropes.
  4. Dress : Beach casual by day, resort casual by night.
  5. She battles high school cliques by day, vampires by night.
  6. It's difficult to find by nights in a sentence.
  7. By night, seaplanes brought guests to white-tie balls.
  8. Esmeralda Comes by Night : A Mexican nurse has five husbands.
  9. A plan was made to leave the Russian territories by night.
  10. So she ate and drank vodka with the Georgians by night.
  11. Night by night, the play is helping her get there.
  12. But by night, he preaches to those who will listen.
  13. Heavy rain will advance into the Middle Atlantic states by night.
  14. Full containment was expected by night, said Firefighter Larry Duran.
  15. A simple glance around western Mostar by night suggests the potential.
  16. And I experienced Johannesburg by night, that was very nice.
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