by nightfall in a sentence

"by nightfall" in Chinese  
  1. You don't need to make a decision by nightfall.
  2. By nightfall, that had been whittled to 28, 000.
  3. And, oh, he must be back home by nightfall.
  4. Any shred of restraint remaining on either side vanished by nightfall.
  5. By nightfall Friday Arafat was virtually alone in his windowless office.
  6. It's difficult to find by nightfall in a sentence.
  7. The clashes dwindled to sporadic sniping by nightfall, police said.
  8. By nightfall most of the visitors had also left the town.
  9. By nightfall, six hours later, they were still inside.
  10. By nightfall, several hundred people still inside began trickling out.
  11. By nightfall, the entire city was engulfed in furious fighting.
  12. Party officials who returned to Lusaka from Kabwe by nightfall said prison
  13. That number was trimmed to 73, 000 by nightfall Sunday.
  14. By nightfall, the crowd had dwindled but tension had increased.
  15. By nightfall tens of thousands of people had answered his call.
  16. By nightfall, cellphones around Sarajevo were beeping with text messages:
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