by itself in a sentence

"by itself" meaning  "by itself" in Chinese  
  1. The toilet was by itself in a closet with a door.
  2. Neither event by itself is evidence that the crises are over.
  3. The tight pin will keep the door from moving by itself.
  4. But the euro by itself is just a symbol of unity.
  5. The upset was embarrassing enough by itself for the party leaders.
  6. It's difficult to find by itself in a sentence.
  7. Mercosul attracts more investment than any one country could by itself.
  8. No building by itself is sufficient to revitalize a neighborhood ."
  9. This is by itself nothing new : think razors and blades.
  10. Pressman sees the Foreign Legion movie as a genre by itself.
  11. The heart of Saddlebrook Resort is a social scene by itself.
  12. Saks is in many ways in a rarefied class by itself.
  13. Bear Stearns will have to dispose of the property by itself.
  14. A Jet game is not enough of an event by itself.
  15. For a long time it was out there all by itself.
  16. This report by itself fails to justify a quick rate cut.
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