by its very nature in a sentence

"by its very nature" in Chinese  
  1. But fundamentalism, by its very nature, is a constant invitation to transgression.
  2. It seems to me that terrorism is by its very nature unpredictable.
  3. But the trust by its very nature is designed to press litigation.
  4. Tabloid journalism tends, by its very nature, to preach to the converted.
  5. "Deportation is by its very nature unpleasant, " ruled adjudicator Judith Davidson.
  6. It's difficult to find by its very nature in a sentence.
  7. By its very nature, people should understand that when handling a gun.
  8. Bullying, by its very nature, undermines and dilutes the quality of education.
  9. What the FCC comes up with will be by its very nature vague,
  10. By its very nature it is not susceptible to government intervention.
  11. Philosophically, the tank is, by its very nature, an offensive weapon.
  12. And by its very nature, our present political status is a transitory one.
  13. By its very nature, classism finds its adherents among bitter harijans like Jehochman.
  14. Trust by its very nature is an act of reasonable faith,
  15. In contrast, civilization, by its very nature, is very particular about its existence.
  16. By its very nature, film is sensuous and immediate and fluid.
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