by item in a sentence

"by item" in Chinese  
  1. He was surrounded by items that were priced to make noses bleed.
  2. The customers could order by item number from catalogs of sample photos.
  3. But consumers do not have to sort through it item by item.
  4. You could unpack his knapsack and take an inventory item by item.
  5. Item by item, room by room, the house was sanitized and deodorized.
  6. It's difficult to find by item in a sentence.
  7. Summons are available in combat, some of which can be caused by items.
  8. That means they measure inventory by dollar value, not by item.
  9. Active skills can be modified by items known as Support Gems.
  10. You can even search by item, by department or by store.
  11. Customers could order by item number from catalogs of sample photos.
  12. The site offers a catalog of Bubbles'work, searchable by items in the painting.
  13. Web users can browse by categories or search by item names.
  14. This is called doing a'multiple submission'and you're still stonewalled by item # 1.3.
  15. "We've had to do it item by item, bullet by bullet,"
  16. The decoding step proceeds column-wise ( i . e . by item ).
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