by instinct in a sentence

"by instinct" in Chinese  
  1. So the animal, by instinct, had discovered a cure for its pains.
  2. Conservative by instinct, both tended to conform to whatever the regime demanded.
  3. Most of these are moderate by instinct but capable of being vindictive.
  4. "He knows by instinct who he can bully and who he can't.
  5. By instinct and experience I am not a non-Communist but an anti.
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  7. He chose by instinct, and to satisfy a curiosity that never flagged.
  8. A journalist by instinct looks outward to the world's variety and change.
  9. He knew by instinct that each community needed its own political party.
  10. Abutalibov is a laser physicist by training and a politician by instinct.
  11. He goes by instinct and he goes at 100 miles an hour.
  12. Because the creature cannot make its own decisions, it is governed by instinct.
  13. He was an improviser; he worked by instinct as well as by doctrine,
  14. Cats are territorial and by instinct a solitary species, Budiansky said.
  15. The player goes by instinct, and he takes us with him.
  16. "We just know what we need to do by instinct, " she said.
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