by friction in a sentence

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  1. Mammelons disappear with time as the enamel wears away by friction.
  2. :It does lose energy by friction, just very slowly.
  3. Al-Li alloys are generally joined by friction stir welding.
  4. Half-elliptic springs provided the suspension controlled by friction dampers.
  5. This head loss is achieved by friction / turbulence within the emitter.
  6. It's difficult to find by friction in a sentence.
  7. TMETN can be initiated by friction, impact, and electrostatic discharge.
  8. Submarine toy could run underwater over 10m by friction motor.
  9. He also rode horses frequently, evident by friction marks on leg joints.
  10. Corns, calluses and blisters are caused by friction.
  11. Guyana's history is marked by friction between the two ethnic groups.
  12. These phenomena are due to the change of rebound trajectory caused by friction.
  13. Since 1980, this custom has been affected by friction between the abortion.
  14. Bodies may be electrified in many other ways, as well as by friction.
  15. The tuning pins keep the strings tight and are held in place by friction.
  16. Neglect work done by friction and other forces.
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