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  1. This unelectrified track was used by freight and long distance passenger trains.
  2. The track is owned, operated and maintained by freight railroad CSX Corp.
  3. The RPBR station is currently operated by freight transport company Ferrosur Roca.
  4. This included the removal of long stays by freight trains in Metzingen.
  5. In addition the line by freight trains hauling lumber and wood chippings.
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  7. This line was mainly used by freight trains; passenger trains went through Hanover.
  8. The line is also used by freight trains carrying sugar beats to Platy.
  9. Some sections of the North Clyde Line are also traversed by freight trains.
  10. His views were shared by freight forwarding and shipping agency officials.
  11. The airport was regularly used by freight operators such as Cargolux and Meridian.
  12. Looks like Santa Claus is coming to Omaha by freight train this year,
  13. The railway is also used by freight trains operated by several railway companies.
  14. Passenger services on the Tyne Valley Line are operated by freight.
  15. The line was built in 1995 and is only used by freight trains.
  16. The spur is occasionally used by freight and engineering works trains.
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