by freezing in a sentence

"by freezing" in Chinese  
  1. Turkey retaliated by freezing relations with the 15-country bloc.
  2. A nebulisate is a dry extract created by freeze-drying.
  3. Jackpot defeats him by freezing him to death inside a freezer.
  4. Later, she shows Nathan her ability by freezing his glass.
  5. Later, she shows Nathan her powers by freezing his glass.
  6. It's difficult to find by freezing in a sentence.
  7. She died by freezing to death in the snow during winter.
  8. The forecast is for fresh snow followed by freezing rain.
  9. Zoos keep polar bears cool by freezing fish in blocks of ice.
  10. Industry, Transportation Crippled by Freezing Cold ( from Post Wire Services)
  11. European Union governments reacted testily by freezing relations with Austria.
  12. She makes clean layers by freezing it after each layer.
  13. The IMF reacted by freezing payment of the dlrs 3 billion tranche.
  14. Organizers at the Antwerp Sportspaleis blamed condensation caused by freezing overnight temperatures.
  15. By freezing its assets we will undermine its future operations.
  16. Industrial food dehydration is often accomplished by freeze-drying.
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