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  1. There were many goals this year decided by fractions for or against.
  2. Youths weave dangerously through congestion, missing other vehicles by fractions of an inch.
  3. As reinforcements, English and French, came up, they were similarly thrown forward by fractions.
  4. Now they have three, two of them separated by fractions.
  5. :: I'm rather surprised that someone who asks intelligent questions elsewhere is so confused by fractions.
  6. It's difficult to find by fractions in a sentence.
  7. Each win could bolster UCLA's strength of schedule and overall BCS rating by fractions of a point.
  8. In 2011 Fraction wrote the event limited series " FF " being produced by Fraction and artist Mike Allred.
  9. The " stavraton " was complemented by fractions of 1 D 2 and 1 D 8, both in silver.
  10. In sports such as track and field and swimming, they missed making the top team by fractions of a second.
  11. Twice he's had to settle for silver in losses to Hackl in 1992 and 1994 by fractions of a second.
  12. Yes, I have read the article and shown him that proof too; however, I would prefer something regarding the proof by fractions.
  13. But allegiances change quickly in a society where names classify people by fractions of black and white ancestry, down to one-sixty-fourth black.
  14. :: While advanced math often no longer has any relation to the physical world, I don't see a problem with dividing by fractions.
  15. The Mexican Bolsa advanced 3.65 percent, but major markets in Japan, Brazil and most of Europe were down by fractions of 1 percent.
  16. What's worth noting then, anything that Alexa says is Top 40, 000 site visited by fraction of users who happan to use Alexas toolbar?
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