by forty in a sentence

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  1. He was then joined by forty Huron and four Algonquin allies.
  2. This bill was passed by forty-six to twelve votes.
  3. The fort is about a hundred yards long by forty wide.
  4. Akers also closed ten plants and trimmed manufacturing capacity by forty percent.
  5. Compared to 2004, the amount of applicants increased by forty fivefold.
  6. It's difficult to find by forty in a sentence.
  7. By forty, spirituality is no longer about order.
  8. However, attendance at Boston Garden increased by forty-one thousand fans.
  9. Following a big loss to Essendon by forty nine points in Round 21.
  10. The house was approximately twenty foot by forty foot and had two stories.
  11. Dupanloup drew up a declaration which was signed by forty-six prelates.
  12. She outlived her husband by forty-five years.
  13. He's by Forty Niner ( who was very fiery ) ."
  14. The film was produced by Forty Second Productions with a Red One camera system.
  15. In 2008, the HOCOFest featured performances by forty live acts including The Meat Puppets.
  16. Margaret survived her husband by forty-six years and died on 23 November 1464.
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