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  1. Schumacher was excused by Formula One officials from all post-race press conferences.
  2. The team's second car was driven by Formula One rookie Mark Blundell.
  3. It was released in Japan only on February 6, 2008, by Formula Recordings.
  4. By formula this must all lead to happiness of some sort.
  5. Heinz-Harald Frentzen was fired Wednesday by Formula One racing team Jordan Grand Prix.
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  7. The C12 Zagato featured all-new design elements inspired by Formula 1.
  8. The championship was dominated by Formula One 6.0L V8 Chevrolet Monza.
  9. An enhanced rule package for 2017 is currently being considered by Formula One.
  10. In 2008, he was joined at WSR by Formula Three driver Stephen Jelley.
  11. The title was won by Formula One champion Jim Clark.
  12. The money will be allocated by formula, with the poorest districts getting the most.
  13. His slot was filled by Formula Palmer Audi driver Vautier.
  14. The McLaren P1 name is also inspired by Formula 1.
  15. The technology was first applied by Formula One, Europe's premier racing series, this season.
  16. Its frequency k ( f ) is expressed by formula
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