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  1. The declension to which a noun belongs is determined largely by form.
  2. The filing fees vary by form, from free to several hundred dollars.
  3. Tools are listed primarily by function, rather than by form or structure.
  4. Biological exogamy is marriage of nonblood-related beings, regulated by forms of incest law.
  5. The most detrimental force to streamline would be the resistance caused by form.
  6. It's difficult to find by form in a sentence.
  7. "' Religion in Hungary "'has been dominated by forms of Christianity for centuries.
  8. Degrees are relative; they are defined by form, not by absolute size or duration.
  9. The jock straps have been replaced by form-fitting compression shorts.
  10. The Merlin frame is made of American sourced titanium by Form Cycles of Arizona.
  11. Kareem Reid, James Dickey and Allen Iverson are not bound by form or fashion.
  12. A popular way to build gears is by form cutting.
  13. Trey D is represented in Malaysia by Form Records.
  14. No significant gains were made by forms studying grammar.
  15. The scene of terror, expressed through energy poured onstage but contained by form, is shocking.
  16. It is in the form of questions and answers, grouped into 14 chapters by form.
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