by force in a sentence

"by force" in Chinese  
  1. We should have gone and removed Moi from there by force.
  2. The Japanese oppose any attempt to retake the residence by force.
  3. We do not wish to take power by force of arm,
  4. Help the poor and needy not by force but by kindness.
  5. Adenoviruses get themselves replicated by forcing an infected cell to divide.
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  7. Black studies came to Kentucky State University by force in 1966.
  8. Some had feared Soglo would try to retain power by force.
  9. A social revolution like that has to be done by force,
  10. Officials have said they will be treated by force if necessary.
  11. We had to use the police to move them by force.
  12. What was taken by force cannot be restored except by force.
  13. The government made no attempt to lift the blockades by force.
  14. He warned the rebels that they would achieve nothing by force.
  15. The coup was quickly put down by forces loyal to Chiluba.
  16. We will remove people from danger by force if we must.
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