by force of in a sentence

"by force of" in Chinese  
  1. In 1847 it was occupied by forces of the Spanish General Concha.
  2. Rictor is captured alongside Warlock by forces of the island nation Genosha.
  3. It was not a taking by force of fear, " he said.
  4. He was not captured by force of arms, but by their softness.
  5. "By force of habit, they demand a rate premium, " he said.
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  7. Schoeman's faction then tried to restore their position by force of arms.
  8. The speeding vehicle would then smash warheads apart by force of impact.
  9. Her goal was to create a Protestant Guyenne by force of arms.
  10. She confronted these difficulties head-on and worked through them by force of will.
  11. The remaining portion of the railroad was constructed by forces of the carrier.
  12. We do not wish to take power by force of arm,
  13. William is the last person to successfully invade England by force of arms.
  14. They are by force of law, not force of arms, going to move,
  15. The action is realized by force of OTOSes, schoolchildren and volunteers.
  16. Each artist inherits'" schemata " that designate reality by force of convention '.
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