by force of arms in a sentence

"by force of arms" in Chinese  
  1. He was not captured by force of arms, but by their softness.
  2. Schoeman's faction then tried to restore their position by force of arms.
  3. Her goal was to create a Protestant Guyenne by force of arms.
  4. William set to work regaining his patrimony by force of arms.
  5. Louis IV, Holy Roman Emperor had taken the Palatinate by force of arms.
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  7. William is the last person to successfully invade England by force of arms.
  8. They had earned that role by force of arms, Krasniqi said.
  9. We do not wish to take power by force of arm,
  10. Analysts say the rebels have little chance of achieving power by force of arms.
  11. After a few months, divisions in the Commonwealth were settled by force of arms.
  12. "We do not wish to take power by force of arm, " said Taylor.
  13. Tarquinius next attempted to regain Rome by force of arms.
  14. Bretislaus had to secure his duchy by force of arms.
  15. They then attempted to take Dakar by force of arms.
  16. Unable to take the city by force of arms, Tarquin resorted to another stratagem.
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