by fits and starts in a sentence

"by fits and starts" meaning  "by fits and starts" in Chinese  
  1. Federal policy on women's health research has evolved by fits and starts.
  2. And those other guys, moving by fits and starts, had even more to resent.
  3. Owing to lack of funds, Worcester's eighteenth-century building programme proceeded by fits and starts.
  4. The File expanded by fits and starts until 1983.
  5. By fits and starts, Burkett learned how to investigate.
  6. It's difficult to find by fits and starts in a sentence.
  7. To cross the street you must plunge into traffic, then proceed by fits and starts.
  8. So far, the trial has punctuated by fits and starts due to Papon's age and health.
  9. The effort is moving by fits and starts.
  10. Reform, after all, moves by fits and starts.
  11. The episodic piece proceeded by fits and starts.
  12. The slow advance continued by fits and starts through the autumn and winter along the Dnepr River.
  13. Stuff happens, mostly by fits and starts.
  14. Sometimes gradually, sometimes by fits and starts, control of Zanzibar came into the hands of the British Empire.
  15. A few months ago, I adopted a physics article, Laplace-Runge-Lenz vector, which I've been gradually coaxing forward by fits and starts.
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