by far in a sentence

"by far" meaning  "by far" in Chinese  
  1. But it is by far the largest insurer for individual policyholders.
  2. Anthony White was the best player in the preseason by far,
  3. It is by far the biggest hit of the young season.
  4. It is by far his most popular yardage for a touchdown.
  5. The VW display is by far the best at the show.
  6. It's difficult to find by far in a sentence.
  7. Banks are by far the biggest traders in the derivatives market.
  8. But Human Life International has by far the most extensive network.
  9. Virenque remains by far the most popular competitor among French fans.
  10. This was by far our best game in quite some time.
  11. So we are by far the biggest factor in the market.
  12. As usual People had by far the most female cover subjects.
  13. This was by far the worst I have ever hurt it,
  14. The great majority by far have stayed at the rack rates,
  15. By far the most successful has been Robert B . Parker.
  16. That would make them by far the largest molecules ever created.
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