by extension in a sentence

"by extension" in Chinese  
  1. During this period the trough grew by extension to its present dimensions.
  2. He knows Pippen's value to the team and, by extension, to himself.
  3. By extension, it has come to mean " apt, timely, opportune ."
  4. When Appcelerator acquired Aptana in January 2011, they acquired PyDev by extension.
  5. The Rangers will miss Gonzalez's booming bat and, by extension, the playoffs.
  6. It's difficult to find by extension in a sentence.
  7. Harvard is notable and this prominent campus organization should be by extension.
  8. It is one of the smallest municipalities of the province by extension.
  9. By extension, Great Britain is sometimes referred to as " Tanland ".
  10. This by extension, confirms the Remo link in the origin of Ikorodu.
  11. Bosnia totally preoccupies the major powers, and by extension, the Security Council.
  12. By extension, transmission ceremonies should likewise be conducted in person . }}
  13. The crisis gave them _ and by extension their newscasts _ gravitas.
  14. The house becomes the patios and courtyards, and by extension the yard.
  15. By extension, a sprachraum can also include a group of related languages.
  16. The conception of witches and of magic by extension is one of evil.
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