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  1. Distribution is accomplished by direct sales and through a rental program.
  2. In addition, consumers would know whom they are buying from either by direct sales or clear labeling.
  3. "This is Britain's largest ever privatization by direct sale, " said Transport Minister Sir George Young.
  4. One reason markups are so small, he said, is that Dell and others are putting pressure on prices by direct sales.
  5. This little bill is really a wholesaler protection measure, designed to protect the traditional distribution system from being bypassed by direct sales.
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  7. Even though they've dropped their prices, manufacturers still will profit by direct sales rather than going through doctors, she said.
  8. The two other products _ Youthening Slenderin capsule and Su Xiao Fei Ying _ were found to be illegally imported and marketed by direct sale.
  9. Publishers are not entitled to make a secret profit by selling through a subsidiary, particularly if you would have obtained more by direct sales.
  10. The paper is available to the European Union Institutions free-of-charge, and can be bought on subscription or by direct sale from a limited number of newsstands in Brussels, Germany  reflecting the specialist nature of its readership.
  11. If a sperm bank has access to world markets e . g . by direct sales, or sales to clinics outside their own jurisdiction, a man may donate for a longer period than two years, as the risk of consanguinity is reduced ( although local laws vary widely ).
  12. In printers, the company has just introduced a technology aimed at lowering costs and increasing performance; its work stations and servers are moving from Hewlett-Packard's own PA-RISC processor to Intel Corp .'s forthcoming Merced chip; and the whole business is shifting away from high-profit-margin items sold by direct sales forces to lower-margin products sold through dealers.

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