by dint of in a sentence

"by dint of" meaning  "by dint of" in Chinese  
  1. Russia lost Chechnya _ permanently, it seems _ by dint of force.
  2. If only by dint of its human density, the delta deserves attention.
  3. Some funds made it onto the list by dint of strong marketing.
  4. By dint of sheer hard work he developed, however, into a good actor.
  5. Thompson, by dint of hard work and enormous talent, has gotten his wish.
  6. It's difficult to find by dint of in a sentence.
  7. Audiences at the Don Jos閟 of his era by dint of his musicianship.
  8. Here the vernacular assimilates itself by dint of exceptional craftsmanship.
  9. Dzikansky, by dint of his background, could gain their trust.
  10. Often a potentially melodramatic scene would play more movingly by dint of its restraint.
  11. She did so by dint of her mesmerizing beauty and her intense personal struggles.
  12. There were no witnesses, and Packer, by dint of his wandering tales, wasn't believable.
  13. Afterwards the customers could choose their shoe models by dint of an illustrated catalog.
  14. To support Spielberg's " black and white " conceit by dint of their very antiquity?
  15. These were typically created by dint of a perfectly understandable mistake about how wikimarkup works.
  16. Good performances and their appreciation are earned by dint of good organization and good sense.
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