by dickson in a sentence

  1. By 2009, he had been succeeded by Dickson Kadau.
  2. It was bought by Dickson's associates on his behalf
  3. The essays by Dickson and Scholes appeared in the American editions only.
  4. Pahang drew the first blood in 14th min through a header by Dickson Nwakaeme.
  5. The pair, backed up by Dickson and the rest of Jump Street, ambush the meeting.
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  7. Following Annie's death in 1880, the land was held by Dickson, as trustee.
  8. The company is chaired and controlled by Dickson Poon, who is also the company's Executive Chairman.
  9. Sandra Sternberg, a spokeswoman for Barneys, said the retailer has not been contacted by Dickson regarding an offer.
  10. It was subsequently popularized in this sense in 1997 by Dickson in his book " Labels for Locals ".
  11. Weekes challenged him to a duel and, on October 10, was fatally wounded by Dickson and died the next day.
  12. Langston is expected to be followed in the rotation by Dickson and newcomer Allen Watson, who had a 12.18 ERA.
  13. On 16 September 2000, the new shopping mall " Dickson CyberExpress " ( Chinese : 陱uxe紉NLu ) was opened by Dickson Poon.
  14. This was shown by Arf, but it had been earlier observed by Dickson in the case of finite fields of characteristic 2.
  15. Saks's offer exceeds by $ 50 million the rival bid made in February by Dickson Concepts International Ltd . of Hong Kong.
  16. Hong Kong-based Dickson Concepts, run by Dickson Poon, owns Asian retailing rights to Polo Ralph Lauren clothing and Bulgari jewelry.
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