by desire in a sentence

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  1. Unlike Arguello, Leonard said he is motivated only by desire.
  2. Then he was consumed by desire to take revenge on Khici.
  3. It was reissued on vinyl by Desire Records in 2011.
  4. Janus too was seized by desire for the nymph.
  5. When Thoreau left the pond, it was not by desire but by request.
  6. It's difficult to find by desire in a sentence.
  7. As mentioned above, Foot instead believes that humans are actually motivated by desires.
  8. The sage was overcome by desire, causing him to produce a reproductive fluid.
  9. Their reason mastered by desire, suborned.
  10. Cuaron's film conveys an unusually sophisticated view of the confusion wrought by desire.
  11. He said, " We're going to be governed by desire and reason.
  12. I felt driven by desire and longed for the day my feelings would become more manageable.
  13. Angles gave way to gymnastic movement stretched and softened, as if by desire and tenderness.
  14. They are also bound by desire to build Mideast influence, squeezing out America's.
  15. The development of DDT was motivated by desire to replace more dangerous or less effective alternatives.
  16. He is consumed by desire to return to his homeland, from which he once fled.
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