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  1. It is also not going to last much longer _ by design.
  2. Spacing and diameter of columns are also determined by design criteria.
  3. This seems to have been caused by design changes during construction.
  4. The album Destroying By Design has a link and no page.
  5. Bonseki scenes by design are generally meant to only be temporary.
  6. It's difficult to find by design in a sentence.
  7. The top speed was reported by Victory By Design to be.
  8. By design or necessity, Hewitt allows his emotions to overtake him.
  9. But the people themselves have heard nothing, which is by design.
  10. But my chests were too naive to be disturbed by design.
  11. It was not by design, but everybody kind of liked them.
  12. Shoppers could choose from thousands of items selected by design professionals.
  13. It raises the question about whether it was by design ."
  14. The divisional artillery regiment typically had 36 field pieces by design.
  15. It was built around 1447 by designs by Pietro Antonio Solari.
  16. Bureaucracy by design leads to centralization of power by the leaders.
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