by description in a sentence

"by description" in Chinese  
  1. "He didn't name them by name, but he named them by description ."
  2. All of the drawings were accompanied by descriptions of the insects.
  3. Ms . Tingley was rendered momentarily speechless by descriptions of mountain-top gender summits.
  4. One fire investigator said the theory was backed by descriptions from some witnesses.
  5. The hanging gardens of Babylon are known only by descriptions.
  6. It's difficult to find by description in a sentence.
  7. These are not accompanied by descriptions of the original articles.
  8. The two were mentioned by description but not name in other documents filed by prosecutors.
  9. These are accompanied by descriptions of the original articles.
  10. The sale of new building ship, which is large manufacturing project, is obviously undertaken by description.
  11. Collections of shells in display cases are accompanied by descriptions of the different parts of shells.
  12. By descriptions of'Isa attributed to Muhammed, this would indicate reddish complexion, moderate height and curly, flowing hair.
  13. Bertrand Russell stressed the distinction between " knowledge by description " and " knowledge by acquaintance ".
  14. The non-linear story is often interrupted by descriptions of dreams that the protagonist or other characters have had.
  15. I envisioned the arborvitae as a tallish, easy-care hedge, led on by descriptions of its slow, compact growth.
  16. From a young age, he was fascinated by descriptions of expeditions in the most difficult-to-traverse regions of the globe.
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