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  1. For this to occur, citizens by descent must satisfy certain residency requirements.
  2. Heirs were set by descent or at times adoption by religious laws.
  3. Canadian citizenship for TN status purposes may be by descent or naturalization.
  4. Today, Singaporean citizenship is granted by birth, by descent, or by registration.
  5. It is also the probability that at any identical by descent.
  6. It's difficult to find by descent in a sentence.
  7. The particular copy scanned has come by descent to the uploader.
  8. All the states are accounted for by descent from other states.
  9. Herod's father was by descent an Edomite whose ancestors had converted to Judaism.
  10. Circumlunar trajectories were also used by descent engine were required to maintain this trajectory.
  11. Both of these registration categories give British citizenship " otherwise than by descent ".
  12. Over time, groups of people connected by descent became associated with particular animal spirits.
  13. Irish by descent, he was educated at Sedgley Park School.
  14. Hong Kong permanent residents had British nationality either by birth, naturalisation or by descent.
  15. He was a member of the Farrell clan by descent.
  16. One type of proof by contradiction is proof by descent.
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