by coincidence in a sentence

"by coincidence" meaning  "by coincidence" in Chinese  
  1. By coincidence, an archeologist named Phil Born was working with Bailey
  2. Quite by coincidence, Interior killed the casino within three months.
  3. It made me wonder if this was just happening by coincidence,
  4. By coincidence, once I saw the whole thing take place.
  5. Psychologist describe this as " conditioning by coincidence ."
  6. It's difficult to find by coincidence in a sentence.
  7. By coincidence, Weber had received a similar guitar on consignment.
  8. "They are not here by coincidence, " he added.
  9. They would not have been there in such numbers by coincidence.
  10. By coincidence I was looking at Fat Bottomed Girls just yesterday.
  11. "It's by coincidence, " he said.
  12. Most of Aum's victims were victims by coincidence or accident.
  13. "It was by coincidence really, " she says.
  14. The successful economic development does not come by coincidence or by chance.
  15. This saga began four years ago, largely by coincidence.
  16. By coincidence, Wenders saw both films the same week.
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