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  1. Not every executive who works for owner George Steinbrenner exits by choice.
  2. It was not by choice but because of a political sports embargo.
  3. But there are signs that childlessness now is often not by choice.
  4. Nobody would do by choice what the Patriots are doing this fall.
  5. It is a disturbing story because few people uproot themselves by choice.
  6. It's difficult to find by choice in a sentence.
  7. The important thing is to pass by choice, not by necessity,
  8. I am not so by choice, but by compulsion of events.
  9. Sometimes flexibility happens by choice, sometimes by things out of control.
  10. Whole seasons went up in smoke, erased by choice or chance.
  11. But like Armenta, Glassman is not a free agent by choice.
  12. Millions of women have entered the workforce, many not by choice.
  13. My life so far has been pretty much set by choice.
  14. If I love a person, I will be there by choice.
  15. Throughout its history, Israel has never resorted to arms by choice.
  16. Most are college educated and sauniers by choice, not by tradition.
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