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  1. She then introduces the dilemma faced by characters on the next show.
  2. Simon, 44, sizes up potential clients more by character than criminal category.
  3. It was created by Character Strengths and Virtues Handbook ( CSV ).
  4. Though tries are usually keyed by character strings, they need not be.
  5. Thackeray's major works are skillfully plotted, manipulated more by character than by incident.
  6. It's difficult to find by character in a sentence.
  7. By character and culture besides the language, the Besleney are closest to Kabardians.
  8. He was designed by character designer Akihiko Yoshida to look Asian.
  9. The pattern you give will match a target, character by character.
  10. Since it's driven by character, not plot, the film is a bit disjointed.
  11. The Dalek models used were 18-inch voice interactive toys produced by Character Options.
  12. 5 . 1985 Chicago Bears : Led by characters and character.
  13. Peace and prosperity has now been replaced by character and morality.
  14. Some machines can only be piloted by characters who belong to certain categories.
  15. Each of these states is referred to by characters as being somewhere else.
  16. Both playwrights create strange, sometimes troubled worlds populated by characters with unflagging optimism.
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