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  1. We met Dick and Earline by chance in Mexico two years ago.
  2. He becomes particularly excited when people stumble on the building by chance.
  3. Some of the passengers had ended up on the flight by chance.
  4. But the humans portrayed here are no less guided by chance.
  5. I met Carole by chance on July 8th and was smitten.
  6. It's difficult to find by chance in a sentence.
  7. It was by chance that she found a career in broadcasting.
  8. Goncharik seems to be thrown into the political fight by chance.
  9. One has them meeting by chance during a Central Park jog.
  10. The fact that the Legion is in Paris is by chance.
  11. He drove by the video store that night, just by chance.
  12. By chance, Kluver discovered some Cocteau drawings that resembled the photos.
  13. About one in 10 million cells become immortal just by chance.
  14. Yet I know that I came to this passion by chance.
  15. Page is a journalist by training and a photographer by chance.
  16. It is not by chance that winery tasting areas are attractive.
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