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  1. Kelvin erupts in rage and is carried off by Chalk's assistants.
  2. Brenly and his family were greeted by chalk-written congratulations from neighbor kids.
  3. Its three smaller beaches are surrounded by chalk cliffs, cliff stacks and caves.
  4. KZQX is owned by Chalk Hill Media.
  5. The National Trust is encouraging the natural recolonisation of the area by chalk-loving plant species.
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  7. The church sits on an island, surrounded by chalk streams, to the west of Worthy Lane.
  8. The seaplane base was established by Chalks in 1926 and continues to be owned and operated by such.
  9. The river is a classic English chalk stream with shallow gravel bottom and fast flowing waters fed year round by chalk springs.
  10. The 1789 plaster bust of Thomas Jefferson by Jean-Antoine Houdon now displayed at Monticello was owned for many years by Chalk.
  11. It is surrounded by chalk hills of the Dorset Downs, though the village itself is sited in a basin of greensand and gault.
  12. White wine lovers might try it w 6CGKWo white Bordeaux or Bordeaux-style California Sauvignon Blanc, such as the one made by Chalk Hill.
  13. Although the River Hooke is flanked on both sides by chalk slopes of the Dorset Downs, in its course it has cut down to greensand.
  14. According to the TSA, further distortion is used in the Phoenix airport's trial system where photo-quality images are replaced by chalk outlines.
  15. On January 31, 2013, the station was purchased by Chalk Hill Communications, LLC, who owns KZQX-FM ( QX-FM ).
  16. The northern ridge of these hills, predominantly formed by chalk, is separated by the Vale of Holmesdale which continues into Kent from the southern ridges which are predominantly greensand.
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