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"by artifice" in Chinese  
  1. Nature is transformed by artifice into seeming more natural.
  2. The sims have been recreated by Artifice Associates, a research company located in Trantor s Dahl Sector.
  3. Their beauty, even when they are verdant, may have been enabled or enhanced by artifice and engineering.
  4. This musical, too, becomes a form of ritual, a spectacle in which nature is challenged by artifice.
  5. Once the self-conscious overgrowth can be cleared aside, there is good content, but it is overwhelmed by artifice.
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  7. This reproducible steady state may be reached by natural evolution of the system, by artifice, or by a combination of these two.
  8. It was the moment Simon had witnessed in another courthouse corridor six years earlier, reinvented by a television production crew, transformed by artifice.
  9. I'm not knocking wriggle, which-- when followed by out in diplomatic parlance-- vividly calls up the picture of sneaky evasion by artifice.
  10. Eugene O'Neill's celebrated family, his own, thinly veiled by artifice, makes you laugh as it slashes through the chest cavity, looking for your heart.
  11. He writes that his  inquiry into utopia / dystopia  framed by artifice but motivated by the desire for the real  has turned out to be the primary subject of my work.
  12. If you are not studying history and science and a foreign language or three you have a lot of unused capacity which during nights unlit by artifice the hunter or farmer can recite old tales by memory.
  13. "The element of surprise in military operations, which is psychological warfare translated into field tactics, is achieved by artifice and stratagem, by secrecy and rapidity of information, by mystifying and misleading the enemy.
  14. To catch by artifices; to involve in difficulties or distresses; to entangle; to catch or involve in contraindications; in short, to involve in any difficulties from which an escape is not easy or possible.
  15. The theory of impetus, the ancestor to the concepts of inertia and momentum, was developed along similar lines by artifice, and prior to the 17th century, many did not view artificial experiments as a valid means of learning about the natural world.
  16. Bird's nest is beautiful-- why shape it into balls ? " Yuan criticized his contemporary Li Liweng's magnolia pudding as " created by artifice . " Yuan also resented what he regarded as the corruption of Chinese food by Manchu cooks.
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