by arms in a sentence

"by arms" in Chinese  
  1. Nakamura won by arm triangle choke submission in the third round.
  2. The project is collaboratively developed by ARM and its technology partners.
  3. We are probably not going to be hampered by arms control agreements.
  4. In practice, it is guarded as much by intuition as by arms.
  5. Scientific accomplishments cannot be achieved by arms ".
  6. It's difficult to find by arms in a sentence.
  7. He defeated Mitchell Harris via submission by arm triangle.
  8. Silva won the fight by arm triangle choke submission.
  9. The next two years, his playing time was limited by arm injuries.
  10. The Dutch attempted to force the matter by arms.
  11. That would take place only if a balance cannot be achieved by arms reductions.
  12. The CEO settling a legal dispute by arm wrestling . ( Great idea !)
  13. It was purchased by ARM Holdings in June 2006 and renamed to ARM Norway.
  14. A 12-episode anime adaptation by Arms aired between July and September 2012.
  15. Nor is he slowed by arm tackles.
  16. Clinton's decision also was greeted warmly in Moscow and by arms control groups.
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