by appointment in a sentence

"by appointment" meaning  "by appointment" in Chinese  
  1. The museum is also open by appointment by contacting the Historical Society.
  2. And custom fitting at the Lake City business is available by appointment.
  3. Donations help support the informal museum, which is open only by appointment.
  4. For two weeks it will be open for viewing by appointment only.
  5. A National Historic Landmark, it may eventually be on view by appointment.
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  7. It is open to the public through today and by appointment thereafter.
  8. But historians, architects and academics can view the collection by appointment.
  9. By appointment . " Romare Bearden . " Saturday through Dec . 11.
  10. Museum only open by appointment to groups of six or fewer.
  11. Others drive livery cars, which pick up passengers by appointment only.
  12. Dinner ( for groups only ) by appointment . $ 65.
  13. The observatory is open by appointment to members of the public.
  14. Guided tours of the Diplomatic Reception Rooms are available by appointment.
  15. Tours by appointment only on weekdays . Admission is $ 5.
  16. Visitors can taste current releases by appointment only, Thursday through Sunday.
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