by appearance in a sentence

"by appearance" in Chinese  
  1. For him, the point is not to be taken in by appearances.
  2. Categorising actors by appearance sounds like it should be a good idea.
  3. Here comes Teck, 22, by appearances a younger version of Dennis Rodman.
  4. A list of filming locations, sorted by appearance order in the film:
  5. This role was followed by appearances in the Casualty " in 1993.
  6. It's difficult to find by appearance in a sentence.
  7. This was followed three days later by appearances on national British television.
  8. But is this right limited by appearance, or by some other formal standard?
  9. I'm saying that two unsuperstitious, rather intelligent men were momentarily fooled by appearances.
  10. And who, by appearances, could be anywhere from 16 to 30.
  11. By appearances, Sears would not seem a man of delicate sensibilities.
  12. This was done both in magazine articles and by appearances at large stores.
  13. Power-ups are contained in wrapped presents, which are categorized by appearance.
  14. It is only shallow people who do not judge by appearances,
  15. He appeared in the silent film " Judged by Appearances " in 1916.
  16. You can never tell by appearances when it will cave in on you.
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